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How to become a rock star developer?

Is it the hard work? Well yeah that helps.

Is it the constant learning? Sure why not.

Will it help to study some other peoples work? You bet it will.

But the real secret – it’s much simpler. Ask yourself…

How many rock stars don’t like playing rock music?

How many rock stars don’t enjoy listening to rock music?

Yes. Exactly.


There were a number of negative comments on DZone so I guess should have clarify what’s this post is about.

This post is a joke, a parody of sorts on all the “X things you need to do to become Y” which are all too common on various blogs. Unfortunately, since I have to explain, I guess it wasn’t too funny to begin with 🙂

Regardless, as Russians say, every joke has some truth in it.

In this case the truth is that you have to be passionate about your work, and that is IMO the most important factor in becoming great developer. When you are passionate about something everything else comes easy and effortlessly because you enjoy extra effort it’s no longer an effort but a fun. When you are passionate about something it rubs on other people too and you gain their respect, people come to you for advice and so on. So indeed one of the key elements to becoming good at anything is to be passionate about it. Perhaps it’s obvious to most of you but from my experience most of people in this business are in it for a paycheck. So by just being passionate you automatically become… well.. “a rock star”.


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